Constance Talmadge has fun with food in “East Is West” (1922)

"East Is West" was considered a lost film until 2005, when a copy was discovered in The Netherlands which has been subsequently restored.  Irving Thalberg dated Miss Talmdage (before he married Norma Shearer), and was very smitten with her.


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Sexy silent cinema film news! LOST FILM FOUND! How cool! Yay for EYE Film and the BFI!


sadboyinc asked:

I'm always surprised to read about serials that are lost. It's like "there were 18 chapters, how did you lose all of them?"


Exactly! Come on people, the odds were in your favour and everything…


"Perfume dress" designed by Erté for  Bright Lights  (Robert Z. Leonard, 1925), a film about Broadway. All copies of this film have been lost. 


Clara Bow in one of the surviving fragments of Red Hair (1928), a lost film.


Clara Bow in one of the surviving fragments of Red Hair (1928), a lost film.

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Kittyinva: 1926 Aileen Pringle and John Gilbert in “His Hour”, colorized by Gagman66. “His Hour” is a bodice-ripper, first written in book form by Elinor Glyn, then made into a silent film. It is believed lost. This is one I’d love to see!


A series titled Précis de Décomposition by Eric Rondepierre, in which he photographed silent film stills from the American archives that had been corroded by the effects of time and kept in poor storage.


The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1922), a serial with 18 chapters. A lost film.

Colleen Moore gets ready for a party in the lost film Flaming Youth (1923)

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Fay Wray & Gary Cooper in The First Kiss c.1928